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Saturday, 29 January 2011 08:51

The entrance examinations for the School of Fine Arts (Athens- Thessaloniki) are not connected with the Panhellenic entrance exams and are held in September lasting for five and three days respectively.
Freehand sketch (cast) and colour (composition) are required. Furthermore the Schools organize entrance examinations in December for the graduates of A.E.I and T.E.I (Higher Education Schools)

According to W. Gropius ‘Art can’t be taught. The only that can be taught is the technique’

That doesn’t refute the fact that art and technique form a unity, there is no specific way to render figures, we don’t apply ready solutions and stereotypes.

Each drawing must develop under no pressure, the personal way of expressing and sense are formed gradually in freehand sketch.

The major aim of our studio is the candidates’ perfect preparation for their assured success in the exams.

The students’ constant surveillance by our teachers ( who are all graduates of the School of Fine Arts) the vast variety of compositions (still lives) , a big number of casts (busts) , sculptures – sculpted on all sides) and the study of naked models in reality contribute to this.

Our students’ major success in the School of Fine Arts in Athens and Thessaloniki certifies the perfect teaching methods we use.

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